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Saturday, March 31, 2012

It has been a long time since I have had a bad kidney day. Usually it is the burning ache in my joints. But today is one. On the transplant side no less, so I wonder if the stone in there is trying to pass. Normally the pain in my joints burns constantly. You just can't get away from it. You can dull it with meds, but it never goes away. You learn to live with it. You know just how much movement you can do before you will pay for it the next day. In a strange way, you welcome it, like an old friend. You know that you are indeed still alive and kicking, because you feel your joints before you are fully awake. If you roll the wrong way, or stay in one position too long, you wake up with the pain. Hey, I didn't die in my sleep, win!

The kidney pain is different today. I just could not sit and work, plus Ian woke up at 6am, and didn't stop going, so I was up. I napped at 10, and decided to join the living. I started to look for the owner's manual for our TV, as George found a wall mount for it. Never did find it, But what I did do was clear out 75% of the office, clean it, walls and floors, and rearrange it neatly. So much more room now!! I feel better. I still have a pile of crap along one wall, 5 years o Katie's school stuff, 3 years of Linus' and 3 years of Early Intervention for Ian. In other words, a paperwork snowstorm. oh well. I feel that I actually did something, in spite of being in wicked pain. The strange thing about me, and perhaps this is true for other people as well, but when I do take my narcotic pain medication, I get a huge burst of energy when it kicks in. I suspect this has a lot to do with the clean office today.

The sad thing is that I did all this, and am feeling worse than I did before I started, because my friend RA decided that it didn't want to be left out. I ache everywhere. I really do think it is the stone in that kidney trying to move, because I break down in tears when I whizz, the pain is that intense, but thankfully short-lived. So I have to miss my neighbor's Pampered Chef party. I'm so glad that I married a guy who happens to totally dig gadgets, and really likes Tortured Chef gadgets. So I'm sending him over after the party with a list and a blank check.

Spring Break has begun. My big ones are out of school for a week and my baby starts his very first day of pre-school on Monday. I am excited, but I bet his big sister will be bawling her eyes out. She dotes on him so, clucks over him like a mother hen. I am very lucky that my kids get along for the most part, I hope it stays that way. Even on a very bad day, I'm still blessed. This isn't how I had hoped my life would be, but if I the opportunity to trade any of it to be free of this pain, I wouldn't change a thing.

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