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Monday, February 13, 2012

Whaddya mean a total joint replacement isn't feasible?

Dude, I could be the bionic woman!

This morning I listed off the achy, stiff, hurty parts for George.

lower back
base of skull (the c-spine or brain stem, I'm not sure which it is at this point)
hands, oh God, they were curled up into balls when I woke up, had to basically "unfold" my fingers.

Oh yeah, and my kidney burns.

We both lay on our backs, staring at the ceiling. Then I sighed. "I sound like a 78 year old woman. Good thing I'm so sexy and hot, eh?" That got a chuckle.

Linus was sick, burning up with fever, and Katie had a dental appointment, turns out Linus had a filling at the same time that I forgot about. So I got the extra kids off the school and zipped to the dentist. When my hips are sore and stiff, which gets worse in the cold, I use the cane. So keeping up with Ian is very hard when all he wants to do is sit next to his sister while she gets her teeth cleaned and braces adjusted. At one point Ian disappeared down a hallway and I couldn't find him. I enlisted the administrative assistant and she found him in the dentist's office, trying to hack his way into the computer.

My plastic surgeon is next door, so we went there to reschedule an appointment I had to cancel a few weeks earlier. I kept forgetting to call and do it. He actually had time right then, so the whole crew went into a room. I got nekkid and into a robe, and we all waited. Dr. said everything is healing wonderfully. Then he sent someone in to take the after pictures. Just what I wanted, to have naked pictures taken of me. Oh well, this set was much better than the before pictures!

Took the girl to school, came home and watched Linus curl up and rest, watching Max and Ruby. When your 7 year old watches shows that he professed to hate for most of his life because he was too tired to pick up the remote, you know he doesn't feel good. And he's maturing, pretty soon the periods of play will stop and he will lay around moaning and groaning all day long, getting his first full blown "man-cold". Sniff-sniff, my baby is growing up.

The rheumatologist's nurse called me back. I asked if, instead of just experimenting with chemicals, can we just replace all the mean joints? She laughed, but said that wasn't quite the approach they had in mind. How about a total skeletal transplant? Nope, sorry. No Bionic Amy this week. Double up on the Enbrel for two weeks and see how that works.

The boys woke the baby up after an hour of hard won napping. Grrrrr. I'm still going to try to work, but as soon as I log in to the work system he will be here like a magnet. Still got a lot done today, and now I'm walking more like Frankenstein than the Tin Man post rainstorm. The Peter Boyle Frankenstein at that, could probably even grab my cane and dance a little to "Puttin' on the Ritz". Or not, no one here would get it and just think I'm weird(er).

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