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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Sick kids. I don't mind it when the bigger ones get sick, they can tell me and dash for the bathroom. If they don't make it, well, the floors are not carpeted so it's all good. But the baby, oh the baby! First of all, he only gets sick between the hours of 11pm and 7am. And then it is always, ALWAYS, in his bed, my bed or on the couch made of fabric instead of leather. And he never falls back asleep until 2 hours later.

Two nights in a row, although last night my wonderful husband took a couple of hours at the helm so I could get some sleep. All in all I got about 4 hours total for the night.

It wouldn't be so bad if this stupid RA flare would just settle down. Or settle into an easy to deal with spot, like my hands or elbows or knees. But no, as I felt the pain leave my wrists and hands, as my dexterity rose and I was able to do things like type with ease and speed, I noticed my jaw becoming sore, and swelling a bit.

That was Saturday. Fast forward to today, Ian's Early Intervention specialist arrived and asked me what happened to my face, it was so swollen. I hate this joint the most. Hate the flares that happen in the jaw, because my ears hurt like I have an infection and it is never just the jaw, it is always the jaw AND the vertebrae at the base of my skull. Nothing totally gets to this pain. Heat helps. Sleeping is tenuous at best and this would be when I would take advantage of Lunesta, except that my baby is sick, and I need to be able to care for him. Lunesta is so wonderful, it provides for a deep, recuperative and refreshing sleep. unless you are awakened every 30 minutes or so. Then you wake up groggy and ass dragging for the next day.

So baby Ian, big sister Katie and I have slugged around the house today, having accomplished zilch. I'm going to start working soon, I hope. Ian still won't eat anything, but at least I tried, he did eat a few Pringles.

So how do I spin this to find the positive? Hmmm, well, at least I am able to slug around with my sick kids. That is positive. And, well, I am still able to breathe, THAT is positive. I still have some homemade hot and sour soup, and husband is doing the parent-teacher conference solo tonight. That is positive. Hey, I'm not dead, THAT is a definite plus. I'm not some poor Russian woman who is addicted to krokodil with my green skin literally rotting off my bones (somehow got onto that today, been reading horror stories), so I got that going for me. Yeah, things could be a lot worse than having a painful, puffy swollen face and two sick kids, one of which only pukes on porous surfaces. A LOT worse.

So once this stops beating me upside the head, who wants to take bets on the next joint it will target in the giant whack-a-mole game that has become my body? Winner gets, um.... a bag full of giant Valentine's Smarties and a 5 Hour Energy drink.

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  1. My guess is the knees. I seriously never thought about joints in my jaw or neck hurting or that there were even ones there. I have to write that I'm so extremely thankful for the mild winter we've had this year though or I would have been put on endless doses of steroids. So thankfully it's not so bad for me and I tell myself that so I won't break down and take the yucky steroids. :)

    Anyhow, I hope Ian gets feeling better and you get some rest. If I can help with anything just give me a ring.